Cogna is part of B3’s Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2)

24th April, 2023

Presence in the sustainability portfolio reinforces the company’s commitment to the ESG agenda

Image of the B3 Efficient Carbon Index (ICO2)Created in 2010, the purpose of the B3 Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2) is to be an instrument to encourage discussions about climate change in Brazil. The companies’ adherence to ICO2 demonstrates their commitment to the transparency of their emissions and anticipates the vision of how they are preparing for a low-carbon economy – Cogna is one of them.

The index takes into account each company’s degree of efficiency in greenhouse gas emissions. To be part of ICO2, companies must formally join the initiative and participate in the selection process that analyzes data reporting from the Annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory, which must be in accordance with the level of coverage and scope of international assessment protocols.

In addition to being part of this sustainability portfolio and appearing in the Gender-Equality Index 2023 (Bloomberg’s global reference index, which aims to measure the performance of companies dedicated to reporting data related to gender), we also joined, also at the beginning of 2023, the Teva Women’s Index Leadership® – first in Brazil to select companies with a significant female presence in governance, built on the largest gender diversity database in the country, mapping more than 150 thousand positions in more than 300 companies.

Cogna ranks 4th in terms of representation of women on Boards of Directors and 12th in the overall ranking. The indicator selects the shares of companies on the stock exchange with the highest female participation on boards, boards of directors and management committees.

The index also awards points to companies that are hiring or promoting more women to these leadership positions – such as the exclusive trainee program for black women (black and brown) created by Cogna.

Here, among the ESG goals established in the 14 Cogna Commitments for a Better World, we aim to have, by 2025, 50% of leadership positions – from management upwards – occupied by women.

The recognition of all these indexes reaffirms Cogna’s commitment to the ESG agenda, and demonstrates the company’s constant attention, dedication and alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Image Source: Getty Images