Employment And Income

Employment And Income


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On an annual basis we conduct a market survey to assess the level of employability of our students and understand how the higher education we offer positively impacts the quality of life of the students and their families, enabling better career and income opportunities.

In 2022, we identified that in comparison with the market:

  • our students already work when they start graduate studies (77%), with 34% seeking education in their current area of professional activity (against 18% of the market). 
  • there is a slightly higher percentage of entrepreneurs (7% compared with 6% in general for students who opt to have their own business)
  • students graduating from our teaching institutions have, in general, a 65% increase in income (compared with their remuneration before graduating), higher than the average of 50% in Brazil for the same social profile. 
  • in relation to their earnings, 41% of the students state that they are satisfied, while 51% of the graduates claim they are satisfied.

After graduating, our students (compared with when they started the course):

  • Are more employed
  • Have a greater increase in income
  • Are in more qualified work posts, as specialists and managers in the areas in which they graduated
  • Work in the area of activity of the course (increase from 34% to 53%)
Image of the Employability Survey Chart