Human Capital

Human Capital


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Our objective is to develop in our human capital a diverse, agile, customer-focused culture aligned with our purpose, based on collaboration, entrepreneurship, a sense of ownership and that attracts and retains talent capable of delivering the organization’s future vision.

Our culture is reflected in the Jeito Cogna (Cogna Way), based on values and behaviors:

Purpose - Cogna Educação Purpose

We Ensure People Build The Best
Version Of Themselves.

Vision - Cogna Educação Vision

To Be A Benchmark Education Platform For Children, Young People And Adults In Brazil.

Values - Cogna Educação Values

  • We are a team, not heroes
  • We are entrepreneurs, and we deliver results
  • Our relationship is direct and respectful
  • The success of the student/customer is our success
  • We make our differences the basis of our co-existence

Behaviors - Cogna Educação Behaviors

  • We have a sense of ownership
  • We listen to the student/customer
  • We inspire and mobilize people
  • We have a sense of urgency

Strategic Pillars - Cogna Educação Strategic Pillars

  • Accelerated growth
  • Efficiency
  • Incredible experience
  • Innovation
  • Incredible people and culture
  • ESG


Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our strategy for our team. In 2022, we undertook diverse initiatives to establish a more inclusive and equal corporate environment for underrepresented groups in which everyone feels that they belong, free to be who they truly are and to develop their talents in an equal and fair manner:

  • Organization of rounds of conversations with vice presidents of the organization;
  • Organization of Diversity and Inclusion Week;
  • Training on diversity and inclusion available for all employees through the Cogna University;
  • Transmission of nine thematic live broadcasts;
  • Launch of the Cogna Internal Highlights Program (PRIDE), aimed at recognizing company talents that are references in key topics for our culture, such as diversity and inclusion;
  • Launch of SOMOS Afro, 24-month intern program exclusively for black and mixed-race people to work in SOMOS Educação;
  • Launch of our first trainee program exclusively for black women, in partnership with the consultancy Indique Uma Preta.
Graphic Image of Color, race and ethnic origin. Composition by gender. Age group.

Moreover, throughout the year we maintained four affinity groups, covering gender (Divers@), ethnic origin (CognAfro), LGBTQIA+ (Cogna in Color) and PWD (Include). The groups participate actively in developing awareness and literacy actions for the company.

Image of the Cogna Logo and Colors Diversity Logo Image Cogna Afro Logo Image Logo Image Include

Talent Development

We support the development of our employees. The objective is to ensure people build the best version of themselves, take their next career step and, consequently, make a positive impact on the business.

In 2022, we highlighted:

  • The offer, in UNICO (Cogna Corporate University), of over 500 courses in the most varied areas of knowledge for the development of soft and hard skills
  • Launch of UNICO Day, one day in the month reserved for employees to do a UNICO course, further developing their knowledge.
  • Redesign of employee performance management, involving 360° reviews, feedback and individual development plans that take into account the skills and competencies necessary for the employee’s function and the employee profile
  • A mapping process to identify successors for senior management positions
  • The participation of 246 employees in our corporate volunteer work program as part of the Somos Futuro Program.

Health, Safety And Well-Being

For Cogna, health, safety and well-being constitute a material topic and a fundamental value in all of our operations, be it with the company’s employees or with any other stakeholder group. To manage it, there is an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policy that sets forth company principles, making safety an explicit, non-negotiable value.

To promote employee health, we have:

  • Clinical staff, social assistance, medicine, nursing and telemedicine facilities
  • Specialized Nutritional Guidance Program
  • Medical Accompaniment for Mothers-to-be
  • Mental Health Program with psychological support by telephone
  • Augmented Telemedicine Program via HAI Cabin
  • Social Service Program
  • Support Program for Employees on Leave
  • First Aid Program in the corporate units

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