Commitment to transparency

14th March, 2021

Long before the acronym ESG (environmental, social, and governance aspects) made the headlines, Cogna’s initiatives were already guided by a commitment to sustainable development, fostering the best governance practices, mitigating environmental impacts, and maximizing value creation for society through a solid social impact strategy. In this first quarter of 2021, we took further steps towards transparency on these topics, announcing that we will start disclosing quarterly reports of our ESG indicators, along with our financial results agenda.

The indicators to be reported quarterly are in line with the latest version of our materiality matrix, issued in 2020, and resulted in the identification of topics of greatest impact and influence for the company and our stakeholders. On that occasion, we carried out a consultation, which resulted in 9,594 feedbacks, 2,796 from internal stakeholders, and 6,798 from external stakeholders.

In the first quarter, we also set up workgroups across the company to leverage our ESG initiatives and performance, the developments of which should be seen during 2021.

Our performance in the first quarter of 2021 can be accessed here.

Quality of education

It is worth noting that we generate indicators relating to the quality of education and our students’ satisfaction through the Brazilian National High School Exam (Enem) and the Unified Selection System (Sisu) of the Ministry of Education (MEC), in primary and secondary education.

In Postsecondary Education, we continuously monitor several governmental and in-house indicators, including Avaliar, a system that captures the perception of our students, educators, course coordinators, technical and administrative employees. We also carry out studies and surveys about our student’s profiles, to promote continuous improvements.

These evaluations, especially governmental, are annual and reported in our Sustainability Report.