The 3 characteristics of the funds preferred by investors in 2022

08th June, 2022

Learn more about sustainable investors in 2022

The M&G Sustainable Allocation Fund (Lux), which “with a flexible and diversified approach aims to take advantage of changing market conditions and sustainable investment opportunities, investing in multiple asset classes including equities, corporate, government and green bonds, infrastructure and liquidity”. The portfolio brings together a diverse selection of assets, keeping one constant: contributing to a sustainable economy, investing in assets that support environmental and/or social objectives. Particular attention is paid to the portfolio impact component, which represents between 20-50% (36.7% at the end of April 2022) of the fund’s holdings and is dedicated to companies and institutions that intentionally aim to generate a positive impact through alignment with one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The fund has six impact areas, three of which are linked to the social sphere of sustainability. Being the themes of social inclusion, improving working conditions and education, and improving health and saving lives. Cogna is a concrete case of the second pillar, “a Brazilian company that offers affordable quality education to low-income students thanks to the possibilities offered by technology. This participation allows us to align the portfolio with SDG 4, Quality Education”, explains Maria Municchi, manager of M&G Investments.

Source: We Wealth | Giulia Bacelle

Image: Cogna Educação