Sustainability at Cogna: A journey in constant evolution

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We are Cogna, one of the largest education groups in Brazil. We consider ESG (environment, social and governance) aspects fundamental for us to achieve our purpose of ensuring people build the best version of themselves.

We believe that education is the only way for us to build a fairer and less unequal country. We do this not only by implementing the best governance practices in the company, but, more importantly, by offering quality education throughout Brazil, empowering people to be agents of transformation of their future.

We also think it is necessary for companies to consider the environmental and social impacts of their activities, which is why sustainability is incorporated into our strategy, operations and non-negotiable values.

Based on this premise, we are committed to generating sustainable value for all of our key stakeholders, our students and customers, employees and teachers, shareholders and investors, suppliers and service providers, contributing towards a balance between environmental and social resources and fulfilling the needs of future generations.

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See how Cogna acts in each one of the ESG dimensions ahead:

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Balance between people and nature

  • Make efficient use of natural resources, prioritizing renewable sources for a greener world;
  • Educate and promote environmental awareness, aware that we are all responsible for climate change;
  • Promote the balance between the use of resources, their preservation and environmental compensation.

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Education, Diversity and Human Rights

  • Contribute to Public Education in the country;
  • Foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem and employability, assisting in the professional journey and career construction;
  • Promote economic and social development around the teaching units;
  • Take care of the health and well-being of employees, contributing to the physical, mental and emotional balance.

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Governance and Integrity

  • Seek gender equity at all hierarchical levels and in the Governance of the Company;
  • Promote best practices of governance and transparency in disclosures and results;
  • Promote the principles of integrity and anti-corruption.

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